Hi, I’m Cori/SixteenChains

So, I’ve been thinking (and overthinking) about starting a blog for quite some time. I love to crochet and create things, but I haven’t been able to take the steps to create  a blog… until now! Yay! I want to start by introducing myself. My name is Cori and I live in Charlotte, North Carolina. I absolutely love crocheting… creating “things” from strings of yarn is so exciting to me! Lol

I also enjoy creating other things from time to time (DIY projects, making jewelry, etc.), but crochet is my number one favorite.

Ok, so… what is sixteenchains? If you aren’t familiar with crochet terms, a chain is the loop formed when you pull yarn through a crochet hook. That is one part of my crochet business’s name. The other part, sixteen, pays tribute to my father, who passed away in 2002. His birthday was August 16 (shown on my tattoo below). Instead of focusing on his death, I choose to focus on his birthday. 😊 Thus, sixteenchains was the name I chose to represent my crocheted items.

I look forward to growing this blog and to connecting with you, whether you’re a crocheter/crafter/knitter/reader of this blog.


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