The Wanderlust Bag!

My newest design, the Wanderlust Bag is now available in my Etsy shop. I am still shocked that my crochet brain has come such a long way. If you are just starting to crochet and think that you could NEVER design your own crochet pattern … think again! You can do anything. πŸ’•

The bag on the left is my original design when I first had my idea for the Wanderlust (new version is pictured on the right). The new and improved version has double strands of cotton for added strength and durability. Adding the second strand also makes the bag seem more vibrant?! I love this bag so much and am so happy to have it perfected and ready to show off! I cannot wait to take this bag on my next trip. It’s the perfect size for a passport! Throw in your ID and boarding pass and you’re ready for the TSA line! ✈️ No fumbling in your luggage or in a big bulky purse … traveling convenience… yes please!!! Or, just going to the grocery store? Take only the essentials in, get your groceries, and get out!!! I hope you enjoy the Wanderlust Bag, as I so so so enjoyed designing it!!!



Don’t crochet? Get your own Wanderlust Bag made by me here!

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