Rainbow Comfort Grip Tutorial

This tutorial is for my rainbow crochet hook comfort grip. I only use Susan Bates hooks, so I can’t give an opinion on other hook brands. The grip is made to fit crochet hook sizes H, I, J, and K.

Materials used for this tutorial: Monster Tail Rainbow Loom Kit

This Kit has everything you need to make this grip! (Rubber bands, a small loom, and a hook)

In this tutorial, we will make a rainbow crochet hook grip. Each row consists of 4 rubber bands.

-rubber band colors required for this exact tutorial are:

  • Red: 16 bands
  • Orange: 16 bands
  • Yellow: 16 bands
  • Green: 18 bands (2 are used in the end to tie off)
  • Blue: 12 bands
  • Violet: 12 bands

You will add all rubber bands clockwise. I’m not sure if you can tell from the picture, but the loom has a red mark on one side, so you can always tell which side you started from. I love this!

Next, we will begin weaving the rubber bands.

Continue to do this (add bands to all four pegs, pull bottom two bands over top to bands on all four pegs, until you get to row 22).

Grip is made following rainbow colors (red, orange, yellow, green, blue, violet). You will end on a green row. *scroll down to see video tutorial for finishing off your grip. The next few pictures explain the steps, but I know the video may be a little easier to understand.*

I have included a video demonstration to show how the same thing is done to the remaining rubber bands.

This is how I secure my grip around my hook. I hope you enjoyed this tutorial. Please share your grips with me if you make one! πŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ’•I’d love to see them!



4 thoughts on “Rainbow Comfort Grip Tutorial

      1. I remember when my grandmother had a stroke and couldn’t crochet anymore. The day she got similar grips at physical therapy, she cried. This is a great alternative and it looks cool to boot!😘

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