As in #mermaidtailblanketsarelife … No, but really though. I have crocheted lots of random things. For example: a brain. I am in school, so it is relevant to my program, but still … super random. However, the one thing I’ve always loveddd to crochet and experiment with is the mermaid tail blanket! I originally began crocheting the blankets from a written pattern I purchased, but over the last few years, I’ve developed my own pattern. The color combinations are ENDLESS, as the blanket is made by using two strands of yarn at once. I plan on adding my personal pattern to my Etsy site soon, so stay tuned for that!!! As of right now, I offer two color options as shown below:

Pink SandsπŸ‘‡


Caribbean Blue πŸ‘†

More photos can be seen on my site. πŸ€—

New color options will be added to my shop very soon also … eek, exciting!!!



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